These Are The Coolest Types And Design of Commercial Fridges And Freezers

You may get ready to compromise on the fridge size & design if it needs..

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These Are The Coolest Types And Design of Commercial Fridges And Freezers

You may get ready to compromise on the fridge size & design if it needs to be kept in your own home kitchen. But this is hard to do when it comes to your restaurant or food corner. Among all the kitchen appliances for a restaurant, commercial freezers are something that holds the utmost priority because of its high usage.

No matter you want to preserve leftover food or the half fried cutlets, you need a commercial fridge for all these purposes which is why, it has been considered as the must-to-have kitchen equipment that helps you save a lot of food, fruits & veggies for long.

May be, some of you are still searching out for an apt commercial freezer or fridge for your newly opened restaurant or others may wish to replace that old one. And to help you be a wise buyer, here I’ve got you some funkiest and highly preferred commercial fridge types & designs that are going to steal everyone’s attention at your eating corner.

Take a quick glance and decide which one you would love to have at your place.

  1. Reach-In Refrigerators – Comes with an old-school design with latest technology freezing features; these refrigerators have ruled the commercial equipment world for a long time. If you’re running a medium or small scaled restaurant then such freezers are meant for you. The best thing about these commercial fridges is the dual temperature setting mode.
  1. Worktop Refrigerators – If you have a live kitchen at your restaurant then this type of refrigerator is a keeper for you. Apart from just keeping your fruits, leftover beverages fresh, this fridge is ideal for letting you have a clean and clear top surface which can be used either for chopping, dough-making and much more.

  1. Merchandiser Refrigerators – If you’ve to keep water bottles, soft drinks or any other liquids stable forever then hop on to Merchandiser Refrigerator which has steady racks that can store a good number of either soft drink bottles or water bottles and display them clearly simultaneously.
  1. Bar Refrigerators – Perky in size & shape, these refrigerators are ideal for keeping beers or any other alcoholic beverage. The unique factor about such fridges is an attached opener.
  1. Display cases – Usually used in cake or bakery shops, display cases have a broad glass display which lets the customers have a complete look on the displayed items. Though it consumes more space than the usual refrigerators but, it’s better for a complete display as well.

  1. Under-counter Refrigerators – In case, you don’t want to display anything stored in your fridges then here’s a keeper refrigerator for you. These fridges can be easily installed under your counters while keeping other space vacant for anything else.
  1. Walk-in Refrigerators – These refrigerators are a bit expensive than the all above-mentioned fridges. And what’s the reason? Well, its size and space. You can actually enter into this refrigerator to store your dishes aptly.

The bottom line-

Though all these refrigerators are for commercial purposes but, they all vary in terms of design, shape, capacity, and size. Make sure to choose a fridge in accordance to your restaurant size & necessities.