What is rebranding all about?

Entrepreneurship has become one extensive measure to earn the desired amount of money. Of course,..

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What is rebranding all about?

Entrepreneurship has become one extensive measure to earn the desired amount of money. Of course, in this highly competitive world, a large number of people aren’t seen satisfied with their income driven out of 9 to 5 jobs. To take their salary graph to a higher level, some hard working people often go for joining a part-time job or run their own business side by side.

Among all these, there is a segregated community of people entrepreneurs who prefer to bring some improvisations to their business methods instead of changing the entire business niche. And fortunately to a great extent, this helps people carry a huge wake of a change in the business methods.

Rare or only marketing people know this entire process is referred as rebranding. In case, you are one of those who is not familiar with such technical terms then here is all that you need to know about it.

What is rebranding?

No doubt, at first, this term ‘rebranding’ may sound like a technical or perplexing but trust me, it’s not. Rebranding is not any rocket science which is hard to understand but is it more of a marketing strategy where you have to introduce huge alterations to your business methods.


For instance- from past 4-5 years, you have been running an online fashion store which has started to demolish at present, and to bring it back on the track, you being the entrepreneur or the founder of the business holds all the liberty to change the brand name, logo and services. This entire process of giving your business a new name and a new identity is called as rebranding where you make it a new one but with the old identification.

At present, according to an analysis report, rebranding has been considered as the rising and the biggest hot shot of the marketing industry at present. Till now, this has helped enormous business to adopt a successful and fresh existence.

Now if you are curious to unravel the leverages or thinking why one should go for it and how then I suggest stop scratching your head and continue reading to put all your curiosity to rest.

What is the true influence of rebranding on a business?

1.New connections, the new audience- When you’ll come up with a new name, the things will change. You’ll get to know about the new targeted audience with a fresh business identity to display.

2.Rise above competitors- This will ultimately help you stand out from the crowd of your competitors.

3.Stay trendy- As rebranding is a current bandwagon; this will make you the trendsetter for the entire industry.

Who can help you doing so?

To get it done in the right manner, you need to hire a savvy digital marketer who knows all the ins and outs of the marketing world. Though the hiring process may be a tricky one for you but taking advice from Google can save you to a great measure.

The final word-

Though rebranding is a great initiative to reach your goals but that’s only when you know how to conduct it aptly. For this, consulting a digital marketer can assist you the best.

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These Are The Best Ever Magento Website Designs of 2017

Those who are associated with the web designing world know the importance of having a..

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These Are The Best Ever Magento Website Designs of 2017

Those who are associated with the web designing world know the importance of having a Magento web design for any website. Especially when it comes to any e-commerce website, having a Magento website design becomes mandatory. Why, well, because of its easy mobile interface which is easily adaptable for both IOS and Android users.

The world is already head over heels with Magento designs when some of the epic web designs from Sydney based designers have amazed everyone with the kind of web designs.

No matter you’re into catering business or selling Mektronics tool kits through your online platform, having a Magento web design can give you a lot of perks. And few of them are listed here-

  • You can have a better mobile-friendly application or interface of your website.
  • The material design of your website will be in accordance with the latest Google guidelines which is again a positive factor for your website.
  • Your website can easily pick up GIF images in a refined format.

All in all, having a Magento web design comes with countless other leverage for your online presence.

Now, let’s move further and check out few best Magento website designs of 2017 which have left a great impact on our minds forever.

  1. Mophie – If you’re a gadget lover then, of course, you certainly love to look for swanky mobile accessories. Well, Mophie is one of the highly preferred destinations to get exotically designed mobile covers. Their website design is simply eye-soothing and makes every user enjoy surfing this website.

  1. TEATOX – A tea-lover’s paradise, this website has a classy website theme, design, and interface which explains every nitty gritty about having a perfect cup of tea that can boost your health by ten times. If you’re a tea lover or a fitness freak then visiting this website is a must for you.

  1. Fred Perry – A clothing brand which was unearthed in 1952, has grabbed everyone’s attention since its establishment. It is a British based fashion wear brand which has been founded by a veteran tennis and table tennis champion known as Fred Perry. The website design has been blended perfectly with a sports theme which is the real beauty of this website.

  1. Kinguin – For all the game lovers, this is something must-to-see. This platform gives you the advantage of getting access to any game you wish. Just search it and get either paid or free access to the same. The displayed games are too enticing and when its Magento website design adds more value to the overall website impressively. In case, you’re bored with your old school video games then Kinguin can cater perfectly to all your gaming desires.

  1. Helly Hasen – Again a fashion wear website which has a cold days theme with most relevant website designs which impressively clears the motive of being on this website.

The final word-

To have a user-friendly and highly interactive website interface, having a Magento website design is a must. Though there are countless other influential designs but these are the best ones.

These Are The Coolest Types And Design of Commercial Fridges And Freezers

You may get ready to compromise on the fridge size & design if it needs..

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These Are The Coolest Types And Design of Commercial Fridges And Freezers

You may get ready to compromise on the fridge size & design if it needs to be kept in your own home kitchen. But this is hard to do when it comes to your restaurant or food corner. Among all the kitchen appliances for a restaurant, commercial freezers are something that holds the utmost priority because of its high usage.

No matter you want to preserve leftover food or the half fried cutlets, you need a commercial fridge for all these purposes which is why, it has been considered as the must-to-have kitchen equipment that helps you save a lot of food, fruits & veggies for long.

May be, some of you are still searching out for an apt commercial freezer or fridge for your newly opened restaurant or others may wish to replace that old one. And to help you be a wise buyer, here I’ve got you some funkiest and highly preferred commercial fridge types & designs that are going to steal everyone’s attention at your eating corner.

Take a quick glance and decide which one you would love to have at your place.

  1. Reach-In Refrigerators – Comes with an old-school design with latest technology freezing features; these refrigerators have ruled the commercial equipment world for a long time. If you’re running a medium or small scaled restaurant then such freezers are meant for you. The best thing about these commercial fridges is the dual temperature setting mode.
  1. Worktop Refrigerators – If you have a live kitchen at your restaurant then this type of refrigerator is a keeper for you. Apart from just keeping your fruits, leftover beverages fresh, this fridge is ideal for letting you have a clean and clear top surface which can be used either for chopping, dough-making and much more.

  1. Merchandiser Refrigerators – If you’ve to keep water bottles, soft drinks or any other liquids stable forever then hop on to Merchandiser Refrigerator which has steady racks that can store a good number of either soft drink bottles or water bottles and display them clearly simultaneously.
  1. Bar Refrigerators – Perky in size & shape, these refrigerators are ideal for keeping beers or any other alcoholic beverage. The unique factor about such fridges is an attached opener.
  1. Display cases – Usually used in cake or bakery shops, display cases have a broad glass display which lets the customers have a complete look on the displayed items. Though it consumes more space than the usual refrigerators but, it’s better for a complete display as well.

  1. Under-counter Refrigerators – In case, you don’t want to display anything stored in your fridges then here’s a keeper refrigerator for you. These fridges can be easily installed under your counters while keeping other space vacant for anything else.
  1. Walk-in Refrigerators – These refrigerators are a bit expensive than the all above-mentioned fridges. And what’s the reason? Well, its size and space. You can actually enter into this refrigerator to store your dishes aptly.

The bottom line-

Though all these refrigerators are for commercial purposes but, they all vary in terms of design, shape, capacity, and size. Make sure to choose a fridge in accordance to your restaurant size & necessities.

Clipsal Reinvented the World of Power Outlets and Switches

Power outlets and switches are truly the most under-appreciated modern invention of mankind; we the..

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Clipsal Reinvented the World of Power Outlets and Switches

Power outlets and switches are truly the most under-appreciated modern invention of mankind; we the humans have taken them for granted. But, on certain occasions, like travelling, we dearly miss them and confront a lot of inconveniences owing to it. Over the years, there has been an overwhelming evolution in the field of electrical accessories. Nowadays, they have become safe than ever, long-lasting, and more user-friendly, and what’s more that adds to the aesthetics of our homes and offices.

The Supreme Power of Electricity

Ever since Thomas Edison harnessed current electricity, the world has united to make a human life more beautiful and meaningful by incorporating electricity in their daily lifestyle. And, one such company, which also works in the same direction, is Clipsal. But, before we move any further, it’s significant to know a brief about this company.

Clipsal- Every Room and Every Home

With the motto of ‘Every Room and Every Home,’ Clipsal has redefined the relationship boundary of innovation and electricity. It is a popular Australian brand manufacturing safe and durable electrical accessories since the company’s establishment in 1920 by A. E. Gerard.

A Yardstick for Quality

Before making a big foray into the consumer market of electrical power switches, the company manufactured an assortment of adjustable sheet metal fittings, which were widely utilised to get together various imported conduits of varying diameters, during the earlier days in the Australian homes.

Agreement of Growth

The company made a big statement by signing a contract with a renowned company, The Smart Company in 1995 to develop Clipsal Home Minder, which broke new records of sales till 2004.

The manufacturing of unit was in Bowden, before moving it to Gepps Cross in the year 2008, to double the production capacity for the company.

Quoting the official website of Clipsal, it is a leader for data communication, home automation, and industrial consumer market.

Now, a Subsidiary of Schneider Electric

The year, 2004 brought about a big change in the company, from its promotion of production, there was an overhauling exclusiveness about it because it was acquired by a global brand Schneider Electric.

Post-2004, Powered by Schneider Electric

Over the last one and a half decade, the world of power outlets and switches has revolutionised for the betterment. Those, dull appealing switches contracting the beauty of the house is a thing of past, as Clipsal has hit the market with stylish of switches known as Clipsal Saturn. With every home have a multitude of needs, the renowned Australian brand has flexible solutions to reach every home and office.

Huge Range of Configurations

Clipsal brings to you the biggest range of configurations to satisfy your need. Some of their most selling configurations and types are: audible On/Off switches, touch led On/Off, Touch sensitive and rocker switch, dimmer controls, and timer switches, and USB Wall Charger outlets

To sum up, Clipsal Saturn is available both at electrical accessories malls and over popular e-commerce portal giving great deals and discounts.

5 Amazing Logo Ideas for a Plumbing Business

The logo is your business identity, at its core, symbolizes your company’s ideology; it appears..

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5 Amazing Logo Ideas for a Plumbing Business

The logo is your business identity, at its core, symbolizes your company’s ideology; it appears just about everywhere on the letterheads, promotional and advertising materials. In fact, irrespective of the kind of your business your run-be it a service or a product based, the logo is typically the first thing your potential customers take notice, before reading the text of your business website. To boil down, the primary aim of the logo is to create brand identification, and while the objectives include incorporating trust recognition and admiration for your company or brand.

An ideal logo is clean, timeless, versatile, and efficient in communicating the objective of the business, and at the same time caters the feelings of the target audience. Here we’ve listed down top five logo idea for a plumbing business:

It Has to Be Unique

Legally, it is a given that every business should have an exclusive logo, but companies build ethical replicas of eminent brand logos. Let’s take an example, you are a budding Smartphone brand, having half eaten an orange as a brand logo to make the lasting impression of Apple’s half eaten apple logo work for your company. But, as a matter of truth, you won’t go a long way in achieving that, as your target customer base will always consider you as a scam company trying to copying an eminent name in the industry. That’s why designing company’s logo is like being a short-term relationship, call for true passion and time.

Understand the Psychology of Color

Colour strikes a chord with the human mind to tell if any design is good or bad. Many global studies throw light on the significance of understanding the psychology of colour. Since you are seeking the perfect logo for your plumber in Parramatta website, the value of picking the right colour scheme plays a get pivotal in ensuring your visitor move out of website only after placing a query or a call. A recent study suggests, vibrant orange colour the best colour when it comes encouraging people to click, while red is second on the list.

Keep It Simple

Even now and then, we come to a business logo with a highly complicated design, perhaps the companies want to stand out tall amidst their rivalries, but believe or not, they stand out only for the blunder logo. As a rule of thumb, your business logo should be memorable enough that even anyone draws it over a piece of paper. This will immensely help in branding for plumbing businesses.

The Background

If your plumber in Lidcombe business logo looks great over a piece of blank paper or screen that doesn’t mean it would blend seamlessly with a fancy website or kind of business operates. Therefore, weight options to determine the best style.

Give Designing

Great things don’t happen overnight, they take time, so don’t be in a whisk to get the job done in a limited time frame, be flexible to come up a fascinating masterpiece.

If followed appropriately, these five logo ideas will help you secure the best design for your business logo.

Design Trends For Large Kitchens 2017 Australia

Large Kitchen Design Trends 2017 Australia If you are lucky enough to have a spacious..

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Design Trends For Large Kitchens 2017 Australia

Large Kitchen Design Trends 2017 Australia

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious kitchen, there are plenty of ways you can maximize the space to its full potential. The first step before you get started is to plan your kitchen layout carefully – this will save you time and money – for example, if you don’t plan, you’ll be adjusting as you go along, which will cost you valuable time and money. Most large kitchens have the potential to be open plan, leaving you a space for your cooking and cleaning and a separate section for dining. Open plan kitchens usually consist of a dining area and your usual kitchen area often separated by a breakfast bar. In smaller kitchens, it’s important to consider the kitchen work triangle, which consists of the oven, sink, and worktops, and being able to manoeuvre yourself easily between the three. It’s still important to consider the triangle in larger kitchens, but you have a little more room to improvise. If your kitchen is huge, you might want to consider a kitchen island, they can make a spacious look very grand. You’ll need to make sure the kitchen is big enough, and you have enough room for a quality commercial freezer Sydney with more space to store frozen food, other equipment and for people to move around comfortably. You can estimate whether your kitchen is large enough by using a home design software.

One way you can plan your kitchen is with the help of computer-aided kitchen planner software. By using this software, you can fully plan your room to the finest detail. Just enter your room dimensions and the correct size measurements of the furniture you will be using, and the software will generate a plan for you – you can add colour to get a view of the style you need, and you can even add kitchen utensils. The software allows you to easily edit your plan if you aren’t happy with it, and you can chop and change bits around with the simple click of a mouse. Most furniture stores will already have this software and will be able to talk you through your plan and give you guidance on your kitchen layout. You can use a kitchen islands as a cooker or even for a dishwasher or a commercial coffee machine Perth, if you love coffee. But you’ll require ensuring your plumbing is in the correct place or be prepared to fork out on new plumbing by a professional Sydney plumber and electrical installations.

In a large kitchen, you have a large amount of floor space, so you’ll need to consider your flooring options carefully. Stone floors are brilliant for giving a rustic feel to a larger, particularly older kitchen but it doesn’t come cheap. Underfloor heating is ideal for stone flooring to keep your feet warm on those cold winter mornings. Again, this isn’t the cheapest option – tiles are slightly cheaper and are very practical as they are so easy to wipe clean. Another modern and eco-friendly option is linoleum flooring – you can buy this type of flooring in different effects – wooden-effect and tile-effect – and the best thing about linoleum is that it’s made from renewable materials.

Why Is It Worth To Invest On Logo Designs For Businesses?

Content provided by a logo design company based in Brisbane – Australia. Put Value Into Logo..

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Why Is It Worth To Invest On Logo Designs For Businesses?

Content provided by a logo design company based in Brisbane – Australia.

Put Value Into Logo Designs

Logo design plays a vital role in branding and creating a visual identity for your company in Brisbane. Owing to its flexible nature, it is easy to place a logo on several mediums like website, envelopes, business cards, banners and brochures. A logo is much more than just a symbol as it represents your company and helps in establishing its presence in the competitive market. Having a logo for your business is an effective and fast way to reach your potential customers. It is the best way to create a brand image for your business. Logo design Brisbane companies like Creato provide services which can help in creating the right logo for your company after knowing the nature of your business and analyzing your customers and competitors around and away from Brisbane, Melbourne.

Designers in a logo making service helps you in creating an appropriate logo based on your business. They will create a logo based on your company’s vision, objectives and target customers. A logo should be unique and simple, should not be similar to the logo of any other company. In case your logo reminds customers of any other established company, then they will get confused and lose interest in your company. Successful businesses and entrepreneurs understand the importance of logo designs for a business due to their vast experience. Here are some of the benefits of a logo to your business in Brisbane.

1. Marketing benefits.

This is the most important advantage of having a custom logo design. A sharp and modern logo will assist you in your marketing activities. One recent case study is CDA dance school who modernized their logo and re brand their marketing materials.

2. Logos are symbols, images or patterns.

Our mind can register these faster than words and sentences. When you look at the logo, you know what product it is. This way they bridge the gap between the business and final customer. They will sell your product or service, even if you are not there. Any material that you give your supplier, customers and clients should go with your custom logo. They have the ability to make or break a business. A business which has a logo is a business which has a face and face is the most important part of a body.

3. Establishing business image.

Today business is competitive and you need a logo design to stand out in such a market condition. If you are just starting a new business, logos can help you establish image in the customer’s mind. You must take care in choosing the designs and colors. They should in line with your business, product and service. Pre designed logo designs are available. You can choose from the sample designs. Or you could make your own design. What is important is to use it in every manner possible and all the time. You must aim to create awareness of your product using the logo. As the logo is not words, it’s very powerful and can communicate more than mere words.

4. Helping customers to remember details.

Many people who cannot remember the business details work it out with the logo. The logo will usually have the letters or initials of the company name like HKN (Hospitality and Kitchen Needs: a commercial catering equipment Perth Company), or the product or the brand name. You can use patterns to help people identify your business easily with the logo. A logo may be a small symbol or design, but goes a long way in communication to potential clients and customers. Through the logos you can tell people that your business follows standard, makes quality products and strives to be professional in service.

5. Sales.

Logo design is considered as the drive to sales, it helps company in increasing their sales, profit margin; by building promotion of the brand recognition and awareness. Logo design enables to generate interest of customer in your product or company. A descriptive design that has the capability of eye-catching buys a great first impression. Logo design services becomes the reason for the buyer to buy your product in comparison to other competitors.

6. Represents vision and technology.

The logo designs are created by company for representing their vision, technology or quality of your product. A logo design serves as the first and last impression of the company product on their customers. An ideal logo should consist of color, symbol and style that reflect main purpose of the company. You design services should be capable enough to make an appeal as a relative for your business. Color has a great impact over the customer therefore it is necessary to make use of best and attractive colors at the time of designing the logo.

The New Trends For Restaurants In 2017

Trends in restaurants in 2017 As the year started, many reports from Whole Foods, Specialty..

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The New Trends For Restaurants In 2017

Trends in restaurants in 2017

As the year started, many reports from Whole Foods, Specialty Foods, and more have appeared, and sites have published their views on what trends in the restaurants. After taking a look at many of these views, and based on the wide range of what restaurant equipment Sydney offers the most this year, here are compilations of the trending in restaurants in 2017.

Bowls continue to evolve

Bowls were a big trend in the year 2016 but relegated largely to the realms of acai and poke. More bowls of different kinds are already trending in 2017, just as we started 2017; bibimbap, breakfast bowls, and more are rising in popularity. Rice is no longer the starch choice of the people as well, as French fries and new starchy ingredients becoming the basis for quite a lot of new bowls.

Spicy food is still hot

The past year hosted tons of trends related to spicy food, from the Nashville hot craze going around fast food eateries to spicy ramen tests and everything in between. This trend has not cooled down in 2017 because spicy food is getting more and more common across the USA.##

Global authenticity of foods is a demand now

As people become more sophisticated, more understanding of one another, and more putting in traditional culture, they have begun to demand more authenticity in food. Gone are the days where American Italian or American Chinese was the accepted standard. Individuals want authentic cooks to bring in traditional food, and chefs have been responding. With decent Filipino breakfasts, restaurants like Tim Ho Wan bringing good dim sum, and a huge rise in demand for authentic Japanese food like Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki, people are moving away from Americanizing dishes and eyeing for traditional food more often.

Street food is no longer cooling down

As people live on-the-go greatly many lives now, portable and fast food is huge to our daily life. Street food defines accurately that and has been blowing up on the scene with street fries, wraps, tacos, and more continuing to advance and grow. With street carnivals, food halls, and night markets growing in attractiveness with proper outdoor kitchen supplies, street food will continue to explode in new areas and new experiences.

Plant-based meat is just getting started

We’ve seen how common the Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger have become with their releases and how close they can get to the real meat. As those two continue to grow and sell, it makes room for other plant-based copies to enter the market – and there are tons. From New Wave Foods’ plant-based shrimp to Follow Your Heart’s vegan cheese and eggs, the market for plant-based protein is still on its dramatic rise and will continue to enter stores and restaurants across the country.

Food byproducts are starting to dominate

One of the major concerns of the food industry in more recent times has been food waste. Some companies are playing their part in solving the problem, with Pulp Pantry creating granola from remaining juicy pulp, Regrained making bars out of the spent grain waste from beer, and other firms continue to take shape. This segment in food is much newer, but it also opens up a cut-rate market of tasty, high-nutrition products that buyers want.

Greens are diversifying, and kale is paying the price

Kale is no longer the fresh superfood it once was and is swiftly on the decline as the promised food for veganism. Cooks are now moving to other greens that are high in nutrients but bold in flavor, with dandelion greens, carrot tops, and some others becoming the vegetables of choice in a restaurant. People’s choice for vegetables is branch out in a big way, and one of the trademarks of the vegan movement is paying the price.

Grain pasta is fading; legume pasta is coming in

With the gluten-free and plant-based markets continuing to burst out, buyers are turning to different sources of flour to create pasta. Modern Table Meals is one of the leading cases of this legume-based pasta, which tend to boast high protein contents and thrilling flavors. This veggie-based pasta have been achieving huge acceptance with their recent introductions, and continue to grow.

People are following the trends of healthier, more suitable and more eye-catching foods that it has been on for the past year, and that has not changed in 2017.


Importance of a Perfect Logo Design for your company

Creating a brand awareness is one of the most vital steps in advertising and marketing..

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Importance of a Perfect Logo Design for your company

Creating a brand awareness is one of the most vital steps in advertising and marketing a company’s product. A corporation’s brand is the base of their business. A brand can be defined as an organization, service, or merchandise with a ‘character or feature’ that is shaped by the conception of the audience. Which means, an enterprise’s brand is their corporate image, which reflects the values and goals of the company in its entirety. So what creates the identity of a company in its most simple shape? Either a simple graphic image or icon? Or the company name is written in a stylized font or a combination of the two? It’s the organization’s logo design. We have helped hundreds of companies such as CDA Dance Academy to simplified their logo.

More than few years, you’ve seen numerous changes that have taken place in designing era, resulting in following editions in effect, thoughts, and styles.

Simplicity and Modern is the Best Policy

Quality identity logo design has to create a strong, simple, and balanced images without extras that will mess the visual appeal. You need an image that is unique and eye-catching with an easy-to-read font, making it easy to be remembered by the target audience at a glance. One of the insights graphics students learn at school when creating logos or websites is that the design needs to work appropriately in monochrome prior to adding color. Color can be deceptive. If the layout, tonal contrast, font sizes and so on are provocative in black, white, and gray tones, the design should also be efficient if a color is added.

Availing the Services of Professional Graphic Designers

Designing an excellent logo design isn’t always an easy task. It mostly requires an intensive amount of involvement among the marketing team and the design agency. Even when you consider hiring an external graphic design company, utilize them as a branch of the marketing team within your enterprise or company. They will absolutely realize that a logo design calls for a clear concept about the meaning and ideals of the brand, and also an awareness of the potential customer or target group. Included within the design process is brainstorming the concept, doing initial sketches, finalizing the logo concept, and identifying the theme colors and layout. Recently, we had to work on the branding for a hospitality equipment in Sydney Australia, we find out that their logo was too complicated. We asked a logo design team in Melbourne to simplified their logo to make it more friendly across all marketing materials.

Designing Services are Available to all Business Categories

Most of the people think that these services are only provided to large businesses, but that is incorrect. These services are also available to the requirements of small company’s clients, which are new and upcoming.

Part of an advertising approach is hiring a graphic design team that has the originality and experience to assist conceptualize and develop not only the perfect logo design, but also all the other visually related items such as , business cards, brochures, letterhead,envelopes, flyers, books, and websites that make up a company’s identity. Due to the reason that a logo is a symbol of the enterprise as a whole, it’s one of the important visual devices for an organization. Its purpose is to identify the company, but not to provide a long explanation about the enterprise. Most of the greatest logos are visual designs that are bold and capable to plainly communicate to the customer, the company’s, goals, and beliefs.

Importance of Well Designed and Appealing Logos

1.It can provide the company with a good impression to clients.
2.It can aid in recognizing a business’s brand.
3. It can help in creating customer’s confidence in the business’s brand.
Successful logo design will make an organization memorable. Graphic designers should not try to fit every aspect of a business into the little logo.